“We have a sacred responsibility to try to become personally and professionally fit for our apostolic role in the church.
According to the apostolic services to which we are called, we address ourselves to serious study in a spirit of
prayerful recollection.”

Just gazes, glances, dipping ones eyes to some Apostolic Realities…The Carm.O.L. are involved in: moments there were when the
spirit of mission seemed to disappear…but the living flame continued to burn from the deep, the dark to reddish fire, lighting the
sometimes tired and bored souls, only to be awakened by Elijah’s call...responding to spirit, his spirit which echoes... “With zeal
have I been zealous with the Lord God of Hosts!”

The Rule of St. Albert is the charismatic document that stands at the beinning of all forms of Carmelte life. Every person who is
called to live according to the Carmelite way has some effec upon the tradition and passes it on to others.

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