In 1981, two Filipina Carmelite sisters from an American - based congregation ‘opted to continue the teaching ministry’ in the Diocese of Dumaguete. They felt the Diocese needed this more over some other options. They discerned that a congregation focused on Christian formation and education would best serve this need. With the support of Bishop Epifanio B. Surban, D.D., they established the Carmelite Sisters of Our Lady on February 11, 1982.

The two sisters were Sr. Mary Rose Deloria and Sr. Linda Nadela, both deeply inspired in the ‘60s by the dream of their then Superior General Mother Marcella Foret. to serve and be present in some parochial schools of the Diocese to begin with.

Over a decade after their foundation, the Carmelite Sisters of Our Lady officially affiliated with the Order of Carmelites, after meeting some canonical requirements marking their membership to the Carmelite Family worldwide.

We are women of prayer and mission, ‘dedicated to the redemptive mission of the Church through apostolic ministry, particularly Christian formation and education, according to the universal Law of the Church and the proper Law.’

Our charism is to ‘follow Jesus Christ with a pure heart and firm conscience in the example of Mary and Elijah as we embrace and live out Carmel’s heritage responding to God’s call…

Responding to the call of the Philippine Church for witnesses to the Gospel of salvation and liberation, we commit ourselves to the service of the Church of the Poor as our participation in the redemptive work of Christ and our expression of contemplation.

Carmel Heritage.
Carmelite spirituality is a life of love that transports one to a contemplative love of God and His creation. It started in the 12th century from a small group of Latin hermits who took residence removed and apart from the rest of the world on Palestine’s Mount Carmel considered holy by Jews, Moslems and Christians.

The place afforded one who withdraws from the world to be drawn completely to God – satisfying every longing, hunger, thirst, desire of a human heart – a liberation from the enslavement of the finite so much so that this transformative experience is called a mystical space!

This mystical space evolved from solitary life to community, from silence into voice, from word into deed, from stillness into journey, from void into fullness, from mountain to the valley and from prayer into service.

The Carmelite Sisters of Our Lady find this mystical space in their service to God’s people, especially the poor. The Carmelite Sisters of Our Lady work at freeing Gods people from all kinds of enslavement – from being powerless, voiceless, hungry, homeless, uneducated, marginalized, neglected…Their tool is Silence in order to listen with empathy…understand the Gospel…move into greater generosity and compassion towards others.And there find God!

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